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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Crooked politicians

This is how they think.

Maria miller

Is hanging too good?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Smoking and cars

A bit late for this as I should be discussing plain packaging of cigarettes by now. But I thought my readers might be interested in this info graphic.

car smoke

I would like a volunteer from amongst the Anti-smoking fraternity to step up for this experiment. Don’t all run forward at once as my garage will only fit in about one hundred. (No pushing to the front of the queue, Debs Arnott).

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A piece of cake?

How can such a simple task be so difficult as ordering a cake tin?

Mrs FE is tasked to make a cake in the shape of Peppa pig. (Don’t ask who Peppa pig is. You don’t want to know.). Of course I was tasked to order it, and it was only priced at £14.99. Or so I thought.

Mrs FE had left me the internet page of baking tins up, and I duly scrolled down to the peppa pig tin. On clicking the item I was presented with this:


Sorry about the small print, but if you squint enough you can see the price in the small print.

An unbelievable £84.99!

It turned out that on clicking further you are taken to an Ebay sale. The first bid is £84.99. Maybe it is gold plated and covered in precious stones. Bugger that.

I decide that they can stick their tin where the sun doesn’t shine and have paid the princely some of £18.99 from a site in Ireland.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Minimum pricing?

Alcohol concern and the powers that be would like us to have a minimum price for units of alcohol.

A unit is calculated as:

One imperial pint (568 ml) of beer at 4% ABV contains:

\frac{568\mbox{ ml} \times 4}{1000} {{=}} 2.3\mbox{ units}

Just to make it clear.

Now the healthists cretins in the anti-fun lobby are trying to instigate a price of 50p per unit. Of course this is egged on by the pub trade who insist that supermarket booze is undercutting their trade.

Well mister pub owner, who charged me EIGHT times the unit cost, at lunchtime today, how do you justify that?

Of course the smoking ban that you rolled over and let happen, really had no affect did it? After all your pub is full of non smokers now, isn’t it?

This smoker normally drinks at home because of the ban on smoking in public places. Apart from it being cheaper I find the pubs are now soulless eating establishments devoid of character. The real characters are the ones outside having a laugh and a fag.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Some like it hot.

I’m sure the canadians would like it to be so. Another vid tearing into the cult of climate change.

All true.

Thanks Bill.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

There’s two sides to a story.


Caterpillars reject 'very hungry' stereotype


CATERPILLARS have called for an end to the assumption that they are incredibly gluttonous.

Just happened to be eating when this picture was taken

Just happened to be eating when this picture was taken

Speaking on the 45th anniversary of a problematic children’s book, caterpillars said they were tired of being defined by their appetite.

Monarch caterpillar Tom Logan said: “I’m not saying I’m a small eater, but I only consume the calories required to keep me going through the pupal stage.

“No more, no less.

“And I don’t eat ice cream or cakes, I’m fairly sure that would be fatal.”

Logan described the notion of caterpillar gluttony as “lazy at best, at worst a form of racism”.

He said: “I can hear what kids say when they point me out to their parents, and yes it hurts.

“There should be more complex and multilayered caterpillar characters in literature.

“What about a caterpillar who’s a spy with a tortured past, or a caterpillar who falls in love outside her genus with tragic results?”

Nicked from here

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Make up your bloody minds.


“British winters are likely to become milder and wetter like the last one but cold spells still need to be planned for, says the UK Met Office.

Summers are likely to be hotter and drier, but washouts are still on the cards, it adds.

The assessment of future weather extremes finds the role of human influence is "detectable" in summer heatwaves and in intense rainfall.

However, the Met Office says a lot more work must be done to confirm the links.

If the study is correct, it means everything from gumboots to snowploughs and sunscreen to anoraks will still be needed.”