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Thursday, 26 May 2016

A very good read about why we should leave the EU

The EU referendum campaign is presenting us two competing choices. On the one hand a vision of Britain as part of a steadily-integrating EU (at whatever speed) or a vision of Britain completely outside it.For the Remain side, we are required to anticipate what may happen over the next generation which, if the last 40 years are anything to go by, will mean a gradual growth of EU power into more and more areas of competence - the ratchet towards “a country called Europe”.The vision of Britain outside generally uses a number of arguments employed over a long period: of the need to regain our sovereignty and become a self-governing democracy again; to have the flexibility to deregulate; to spend the UK’s EU contributions on something better inside the UK; to drive forward better trade deals with countries beyond the EU; and to constrain immigration.However let’s take this from a different angle and set out a third vision - a Leave proposition that rejects some of the arguments outlined above. In short, a liberal case for Leave.
The rest is at the Adam Smith Institute. The article spells out the very good reasons why leaving the EU is in the UK's best interest. 

My own thoughts about the EU are that we have lost so much of our power of self determination since we had the referendum in 1975. Most of us at the time were coerced into thinking that we were just ratifying the common market agreement. We were so wrong. I actually feel ashamed that we have allowed our country's right of self determination to be stealthily taken away from us.

My biggest worry now is that the younger generation accept the current status quo and think that rule by Brussels is the only way to go. What they are never told is that our own elected government has little or no power to prevent nearly seventy percent of laws devised by the european  commission be forced upon us. Our parliament is effectively powerless. (In fact I'm not sure why it exists).

The UK was in the past the powerhouse of innovation and daring in the world. Oh how we have fallen. We could be Great again. The younger generation could make it so. Have they the courage that our ancestors had, or will they just allow their great country to just become a minor state in a federal europe?

It's your choice kids.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Prime Minister Cameron warns of Great Flood after Brexit

Having spoken to the Almighty, David Cameron announces: Following Brexit, there would not be enough wood to recreate Noah's Ark. Due to Calais migrants jumping into the sea, water levels would rise by 10 metres. Kent would disappear. 25 million would drown if Britain votes to leave the EU

Read the full article HERE.

And other project fear stories of disaster.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Just a thought.

Before we joined the EU we used to address letters home with the last line being "GB" for Great Britain.

Since being in the EU this has changed to "UK" for United Kingdom.

Why did we start being ashamed of being GREAT?

Saturday, 21 May 2016

That poll on Brexit.

Last Sunday I posted a poll "Is David Cameron a shining light in the darkness of the referendum?".

The results are below.

Now I expected option 2 would get the most votes and it got me thinking. How accurate are the mainstream polls this time around? After all they got it wildly wrong at the general election.

At the moment the mainstream polls are predicting a win for remain and the bookies have shortened their odds to suit.

Yet if you look at online polls they seem in the main to indicate leave is ahead by a margin. I think their are a lot of people who are not letting on that they are going to vote leave.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Who really rules us?

Paxo reckons we should tell the EU to get "stuffed".

He discusses all sides and explains how the various parts of the EU works.

Yes it's 58 minutes long but quite thought provoking.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Grandad. Religion versus the puritans

Grandad discusses the rise of the new puritans.

For a start, both Puritanism and Religion have the concept of eternal life in common.  While Religion applies this to spiritual eternity, the Puritans seem to believe in physical eternity.  Religion promises that if we obey the tenets of the belief that we will live forever in Heaven, while the Puritans tell us constantly that by not obeying their tenets, we will die physically, often with painful and debilitating consequences which presumably is their concept of Hell.
A good read and is found HERE.



Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Sin Taxes

As you'll see and hear in the video below, sin taxes are only imposed to bring in revenue to the chancellor.

Certainly in my lifetime I've seen taxes on popular pastimes treble and take a sizeable chunk of dosh out of my wallet.

The problem is that no-one questions these taxes any more. They just shrug their shoulders with the words "The experts know best".

But do they? Take one example. We were exhorted for decades to eat margerine as butter was bad for us. Now we are being encouraged quietly to eat butter again.

Who the fuck are these so called experts and why are they not being publicly hanged?

Monday, 16 May 2016

The polar bears are doomed if we leave the EU.

You will also be destitute. This is scary indeed.

Mind you. If you showed this to some people they'd believe it. (It'll probably be shown on the BBC news just before voting day)